3 Ways to Combat Black Magic

Black Magic is a concept which has resided in the minds of believers of supernatural causality for centuries, highlighted during the age of witchcraft and witch trials which were predominant in the 17th century. Treatment against black magic is widely known, but those who carried out the process are fairly unfortunate in that they were burned alive as this was the common belief for ridding the body of black magic.

Mindfulness and Focus

The commonly referred form of meditation to ease the body of black magic symptoms is the Candle Technique. This involves focusing your mind on a candle flame for a certain period of time, usually around 15 minutes. Following on from this, you will learn how to control the flame somewhat and, in turn, learn how to use the flame to take advantage of the entities surrounding you and use them to your aid.

Pride and Protection

Talismans are common amongst the believers of the supernatural causality traits and are equally as relevant to black magic as they are to evil eye and curses. A talisman is an object that one carries with them as a form of spiritual protection, to protect oneself against forms of bad energy. The object is usually something that is close to you that means something to you and what you represent or believe in, such as a necklace that resembles something of your belief system. The bond between you and the object stretches far beyond anything tangible, anything that is superficial or irrelevant and it is this bond which enables the object to fight against black magic. Using a talisman helps weaken the effects of a curse because the spiritual force between you and the object is far stronger than you and the spell which, therefore, enables a form of focus and spiritual strength to prevail.


The strongest form of any treatment or healing cannot come from anything other than one’s positive thinking. Due to the negative source of black magic, positive thinking, and even laughter, can be used to weaken the spell and reduce the negative energy to bring a halt to the force. What is more important is that laughter and positive thinking comes naturally and doesn’t require any practiced rituals or a counter spell, but instead requires straightforward happiness and, in this case, laughter is the best medicine.