3 Ways to Experience the Effects of Voodoo

Voodoo is a somewhat complicated concept which troubles even the superstitious. The concept can be defined as a cult practice involving rituals with traditional magical rites to poison a spirit, namely within humans. But how can one feel the effects of voodoo and to know whether they are victims of spiritual poisoning?

Bad luck

A sign that is most commonly associated with voodoo curses is that of luck and whether someone has been experiencing a long run of bad luck. It is difficult to determining whether one is going through a period of bad luck due to the amount of material forces which may be present. However, if one has removed all other possible forces and is left with dark force of voodoo, then he or she may be experiencing a cursed life. Things such as job losses can be considered as bad luck, especially if it has come as a result as one foundational issue such as a new over performing employee whose arrival may have been a result of a voodoo curse to target a victim.

Dream of Fire

Dreams are usually a result of our subconscious mind at work during R.E.M. sleep and thus we have an inability to control our dreams somewhat. However, if an individual undergoes a series of dark, scary or psychologically damaging dreams then one can conclude that these dreams are a sign warning you of dark forces in your mind occurring as a result of a voodoo curse. Curses such as ‘Send a Nightmare’ can be a cause of experiences of this nature.

Cursed Love

There are two ways voodoo can effect ones experience of love; the causing of arguments and an inevitable breakup, and altering the recipient of your love. The former indicates a changing of attitudes to a specific person, for instance your spouse. The victim of such a spell as will experience increased resentment and a loss of patience for that person and thus forcing arguments and a break up. The latter experience involves a complete change in the person you once had feelings for. You may gain feelings for someone who you never imagined would be a lover. It can also force further negative feelings, similar to the former, in that it will be a relationship of jealously and pain which, in turn, tortures you mentally.