A pair of evil eye can cause you ‘anything’

Jealousy is the main cause for an evil eye. When children become jealous we usually teach them to feel happy on others success. But how can adults to be taught? So when we think about this matter deeply. There should be some kind of a fault in the person who feels jealous. It is that he or she cannot accept another person’s success or he or she is craving to be in their position. If the look is envious it can cause danger to you, your family or even to your wealth.

How can you safeguard yourself from evil eye??

It is not easy but you can do it. When people ‘assume’ that your life is full of fantasies. Show them that your life isn’t such. Make them understand you also have barriers in your life like them. It is not to gain sympathy but not to get afflicted by evil eyes. So the jealousy they have for you will not be there anymore.

What changes you will witness when you’ve been afflicted by evil eye?

Evil eye will of course be a barrier to your success. When you want to do something nothing will work out well. That is the effect of evil eye. The barriers can be in any forms it can be in your love, family, career or children.

How it happens??

The more you think about a person’s success in a negative way that is becoming jealous of their success will cause evil eye. It can be unintentional or intentional. Though it seems to be nothing that serious, definitely it is a serious matter. Even if the evil eye glare is intentional or unintentional you will end up hurting the person and you get nothing useful in return. Instead you get their pain and sorrow.

What is the connection between evil eye and black magic??

Well, a person who is too much in jealous of another person’s success, he or she often tends to do black magic to that person. This kind of a cruel act is not appropriate for someone who is sane. Normally the people who perform black magic do not think about love, care and passion. What they have in their mind is only ‘money’. As long as they get paid well, they will do it well.

But as human beings we all must learn to spread love not hatred.