Affects of Lucid Dreaming on Spirituality

Ancient religions and cultures attach a lot of importance with lucid dreaming. They were considered one of the methods of creating self awareness and asserting ones presence. Originally lucid dreaming is also known as Dream yoga and has been developed and practiced almost 1000 years ago. The Tibetan monks treated it like a process to gain enlightenment.

Achieving Spiritual Growth through Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is done during sleep; spiritual growth is done for awakening. However, at one point in between, the two meet. While Lucid dreaming a person reaches a point of enlightenment. A person feels freedom to experiment. This frees him of everyday worries.

Even the very serious matters become very trivial. You can taste the fire, fly to the moon and swim deep under water. The freedom to experiment through lucid dreaming enhances self awareness. This self awareness is the central point of spiritual awakening. A person has to live in ‘now’. The worries of future and pains of the past can be shed away.

Lucid Dreaming and Self Realization

Many times lucid dreaming can break borders. The walls that we have built around us cave in. The self realization of knowing and meeting yourself like a wanderer, from dream to dream increases self realization. This new found discovery can affect even your real life: you may take a U-turn in your carerr and think beyond the social boundaries drawn by the society.

Lucid Dreaming and personal growth:

The lucid dreaming ultimately results in personal growth. While in lucid dream a person sheds down his or her fears and ambitions. Here you are in the present moment. Then you realize how important your moment of now can be. It can result in a lot of positivity in your life. The brain has us thinking like slaves. In lucid dreaming we have the freedom to feel it all and do it all.

This enables new personality perspectives to be explored. You may realize that you always wanted to write professionally. Or maybe, it was always a singer, never a banker inside you. New successes, relationships and happiness are knocking at the door.