Basics of Spiritual Healing

Fairly commonly used, the term spiritual healing has various different interpretations. Nevertheless, in the core of the term is a practice in which one person helps the other to grow beyond physical and focuses on spiritual. It is believed amongst practitioners of this type of healing that most problems in person’s life are rooted in spiritual dimension. As such they can only be cured using spiritual healing, using a method with more power than the problem itself. Negative energy, problem or distress is diminished with the use of stronger and more powerful spiritual energy. This type of healing can also be used even if there is no apparent problem in someone’s life, in which case the aim is only to increase the level of positive energy in a person.

In spiritual realm it is very important to acknowledge the difference between something that is merely a symptom and the genuine root cause that is, in fact, provoking the problem. Generally, people focus only on symptoms – heart condition, increased blood pressure etc. Eliminating that problem through medicaments and surgical intervention only causes more damage and it doesn’t solve the cause of the problem.  That is why spiritual healing looks beyond physical and solves the root of the negativity, or, sometimes, acts even before the problem appeared. Regardless, in some cases spiritual healing can’t be enough and medical assistance is necessary. This is, usually, the case if the patient is suffering from a very severe illness. That is why it is advised to use spiritual healing as a precaution and as a preventive measure before any illness has been detected, and not to wait until it appears, or until the condition worsens.

There are two types of spiritual healing methods. First one is spiritual practice, applying basic principles and with that creating and developing his own ability and awareness. This way he is less prone to any damage that might impact him. Other is spiritual remedy, where there is a specific action involved to influence an existing problem. Practice is a way of life and remedy is a one-time solution.