Black Magic: How to identify if you are under one?

Black magic has been for centuries used to achieve personal desires regardless the consequences. As its name states, it represents the darkness of the magical energies, also known as dark or negative energy. Black magic basically condenses and channelizes the dark energy in order to harm someone, or change something for a personal benefit. Often, the main uses of black magic spells are for love, money, or revenge purposes. It is hard to believe that someone can have so much hatred inside to rely on these kinds of things, however it is good to keep an eye when different aspects of life are changing to bad, because a black magic spell can be causing the misfortune.

The first symptoms to identify if a black magic spell is affecting someone’s life are:

  1. Bad and negative feelings

Having a constant discomfort, sadness, hate, or constant anger towards others. If someone is normally a happy and kind person, but suddenly feels irritated or unhappy, can be a consequence of a black magic spell affecting the emotions.

  1. Constant tiredness

If after just few hours of work or daily activities, a person feels absolutely out of energy, should first of all visit a doctor. When all possible medical reasons are ruled out, fatigue and extreme tiredness can be a sign of a black magic work on the person.

  1. Nightmares

These ones usually come related to the reason the person is under the spell. The cursed person would have recurrent nightmares about certain situations that drove someone to curse him or her. However, it will still very hard to identify the who is using the black magic, because even though the nightmares might give insights, the faces will not ever been visible, or remembered.

  1. Family problems

Sometimes the partner starts cheating even though it has never been his or her personality, the kids might start using drugs or get into legal problems, parents might get suddenly sick with no apparent explanation, etc. Family problems are one of the most alarming symptoms as the cursed person’s beloved ones are put in danger.

Whenever someone suddenly feels negative changes and apparently with no explanation is a good bell ringing to let us know that black magic might be involved. A solid spiritual life, and some help from experts could help to protect yourself and family in case of a dark energy dose.