Evil eye is the essence of jealousy towards a person. A jealous and hungry person, both doesn’t know what to do to get what they don’t have. A hungry person will steal or beg to get the food whereas, a jealous person will take the route to cast their evil eyes upon you. This act can be intentionally or unintentionally.

What is Evil Eye?

Many cultures around the world believe that through an envious glare or through our thoughts, one person is able to cause harm to the other in the form of injury, illness, misfortune or even death. Evil eye is described as the process of being bothered by Raja-Tama vibrations, from another person, which means the other person can trouble us with the evil eye. The lack of communication due to success of one of them can cause the other to get jealous and this then becomes the evil eye.

Causes of The Evil Eye:

In today’s world, most people have personality defects and vices such as hatred, hunger for publicity, jealousy, etc. If you are a CEO of a company, many will try to get to your position. They all also want to be the CEO of some company someday. If they are really envious of you, so it may turn into the evil eye that is casted unintentionally. But if a person trying to get your position doesn’t get it and really gets jealous of you and have a high hatred for you can do it intentionally. But the question is How? So, the answer to that question is through black magic. Since, black magic is casted intentionally, the evil eye casted through it is also intentional.

Ways to Cast an Evil Eye:

There are many ways to cast an evil eye. These include the evil eye through desirous thoughts, envious thoughts, black magic or negative energies. The desire for something really bad can cause the Raja-Tama vibrations to rise and afflict the other person in such a way that the thing that was being desired got destroyed or lost. Whereas, when getting envious over a person usually gets them ill or injured. The Black Magic is another story in which the person who is practicing it, has above 30% chance to get their intention fulfilled from the other person. The negative energies are also a type of Evil Eye. As the seekers of God who do spiritual practice for the spread of spirituality are the ones to get the most attention of negative energies. As they are working towards the establishment of the Godly Kingdom, the negative energies who wish to establish a Demonic Kingdom act to cause distress to the seekers.

Evil Eye, The cause of many disasters!