Dreamer is aware of the dream

A dream where the dreamer is aware of the dream they are having is called lucid dreaming. Level of control one can have in a lucid dreaming varies, but the dreamer can control characters that appear in his dream, environment and the action that is taking place. This type of dreaming should have almost unlimited options within the dream – you can explore the environment you are in with clarity and authenticity, you can engage in any type of activity regardless of your actual abilities and knowledge, you can break the laws of physics and possess powers beyond anything you have ever encountered. It comes as no surprise that this phenomenon has immense popularity. In theory, everyone has the potential for this type of dreaming, but not everyone can meet the requirement needed or train themselves to achieve the desired level of control.

Although the term was created in 1913 the phenomenon itself has existed since the ancient times, under different names. References of lucid dreams can be found as early as in Aristotle’s times. The phenomena kept reappearing throughout the centuries in different cultures and locations, making it almost universal.

The interest for this phenomenon has always been high, and a lot of sceptics have doubted the scientific basis of it. But, many researches have proven them wrong, as the scientific proof for lucid dreaming was found as early as 1975. During this type of dreaming, a dreamer experiences higher level of consciousness which is showed using brainwave, blood flow and eye movement.

Interesting and exciting as it sounds, it is not an easy task to achieve. Controlling your dream and manipulating the surroundings can be achieved only when is aware that he is, in fact, dreaming, when he, inside the dream, becomes lucid. The level of control rises with the level of consciousness. Then the power of will comes into action and you can influence everything around you, give yourself superpowers or achieve world peace. One useful technique is also saying things out loud as you want them to happen. Have fun and be careful, it is scary to be that powerful, even if it’s just a dream!