Exorcism Islam Way

Normally, we never get to hear about exorcism that often. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In Islam there’s a difference in the opinion of a few scholars on the understanding of exorcism. Some believe that the possession is a direct result of black magic, in which sorcerers leave a devil on the victim and thus the victim gets possessed. While others tend to believe that the supernatural things, also known as Jinn’s, cannot be tamed or controlled. They are capable of doing what they desire and at times when people are vulnerable, these beings take the advantage and take the possession. Sometimes in order to find shelter while other times in hope to eradicate their hunger. Regardless of the difference in the opinion, it is unanimously believed that possession by such beings is a reality and needs to be tackled.

In Islam it is also understood that once a person dies, their soul rests in peace and doesn’t wander off to haunt others, thus the concept of deceased people possessing the living is totally unaccepted. According to the scholars, a righteous man, the one having a complete faith in Allah would never get possessed. The constant recitation of the Quran keeps the devil away and thus the chances of being possessed are very minimal. Accordingly, once the person has been possessed, a religious scholar, one having a good grasp on Islamic teachings on black magic, is called. The scholar makes wudu (ablution) and goes on to remove any sorts of amulets form the possessed person. Then he moves his mouth closer to his ears. Loudly but slowly recites istaadha (saying I seek refuge in Allah against the cursed devil). Then after making duas and asking for Allahs protection, the scholar recites surah Fatiha. The person is believed to do weird stuff for that moment. Then some verses from the Holy Quran are recited again. At this point, the being would try to converse with the scholar in order to weaken his faith. Giving the scholars all kind of threats. The exorcist is expected to ignore the words of the being and keep reciting the word of Allah. Soon afterwards, the being is asked to leave the body. It is said if the being still doesn’t leave, the exorcist is supposed to hit the possessed person on the palms of the hands or the bottom of the feet. This is the most accepted way of performing exorcism in Islam.