Healing Therapy and Energy Healing

Healing therapy represent an alternate or complementary treatment to modern medicine, based not on scientific research and use of medicaments, but on restoring the balance and energy flow in a person seeking help. Through the relationship between the healer and his client obstacles are overcome, new pattern is established and client’s natural energy is liberated. Human energy field that is impacted during sessions is often called aura and is different for everyone. Regardless, everyone needs balance and natural flow of energy, that is why, when facing obstacles such as high levels of stress or emotional loss, we need some guidance in order to restore the balance. Every body has a capacity to heal itself, but just like in any other aspect of life, sometimes you just need a little help.

Healing therapy usually consists of healing session where the therapist uses his hands, keeps them close to his client, and sometimes lightly touches him and through the movement and his own energy helps his client. The feelings and sensations patients can experience are warmth, tingling and sometimes light pressure.

When it comes to specifically energy healing a lot of therapies used in modern and ancient times fall into that definition, such as acupuncture, reflexology, kinesiology, aura and chakra balancing and many more. Holistic approach energy healing practices means looking beyond physical and focusing on deeper levels, manipulating the energy and creating an impact.

Energy healing has various applications, and can impact a large specter of conditions. It is important to know that can be used to improve your health even if there is nothing that specifically bothers you, but you are simply interested in your own wellbeing. The effects can be short-term as well as long-term, and not always visible at first glance. There is no rule that says how often you can visit your healer, but it is obvious that one session wouldn’t do the trick. Your flow of energy is deeply personal and in order to enable someone to influence it, you should first establish a quality relationship with that person. Healing can benefit in many different ways, but everyone reacts differently to it.