High Spirits Healing

When we don’t feel well, we look for ways to cure ourselves. There are many remedies depending on what we think is the root cause of our illness. When the cause is physical, we seek help from orthodox medical practitioners. This is called allopathic medicine. When the cause is spiritual, we seek spiritual healing.

Spiritual healing is not the same as faith healing. Faith healing is based on a strong belief in a supreme deity. It works on the basis that the supreme deity does the work of healing. All it takes is simply a strong belief that there is a supreme deity.

Spiritual healing does not have any connection with religion. It works without any reference to divine interference. It does not require a belief that an all-powerful being is responsible for making us well. It’s simply a system that deals with what’s beyond the physical.

The basis of spiritual healing is that we do not just exist in a physical state. We have a spiritual self which is on a higher plane of existence than our physical self. The cause of many physical illnesses can be traced to an anomaly in our spiritual well-being. Essentially, spiritual healing works by restoring our spiritual energy.

Boost your spirits

When our spiritual energy is low, we need to boost it. That’s where spiritual healing plays an important role. In a way, spiritual healing is analogous to physical healing. When we are physically not at our best, we are prone to fall sick. Likewise, when we are spiritually not at our best, we are also prone to fall sick.

There is some overlap between spiritual healing and energy healing.

A well-known form of energy healing is acupuncture. This ancient Chinese therapy is based on a system of qi, i.e. energy, which cannot be physically quantified. To bring about a cure in acupuncture, needles are used to stimulate certain points in the qi system.

This is where spiritual healing differs from energy healing. Spiritual healing does not require the use of any physical device to bring about a cure. A spiritual healer uses the spiritual energy in his own body to connect with the spiritual energy of the patient to make things happen.

The big question is whether spiritual healing works. Yes, it does. It is a known fact that the physical condition is not the only measurement of well-being. We can be in good condition, physically, and yet not feel well. We can be fine in the body and still be low in spirits. This is why we should consider spiritual healing as one of the tools to keep ourselves in good form, in every sense of the word.