How dangerous evil eye can be??

Not easy to control feelings. Every religion and many cultures depicts about envious look, which is so dangerous. Most of the time a person’s look can put your life in danger.  Evil eye is very common now, unlike in early days, because in this competitive world people achieve higher and higher day by day. So the ones who cannot achieve, actually it is not the ones who cannot achieve; it’s that they don’t achieve. They of course become jealous, and hatred swallows them up. It is hard for them to see the success of another person. But this kind of behavior occurs in a person who has ‘personality disorder’. But sometimes evil eyes can be unintentional too.

 Is it only human who get affected by evil eye??

  • No, even the well grown plants can die or wither out by one glare.
  • Even the cute little animals can fall ill.
  • Objects too will be affected by evil eyes.

So it is not written that only humans get affected but also other things too and Things you should know about things related to evil eye;

  • Evil eyes and desired thoughts; as an example if you see a healthy and beautiful kid, who plays all the time. Some people used to desire that kind of a kid, if it happens, have a high chance for the kid to fall ill.
  • The envious glare; such things happens in competitions. When a competitor wins the award the other competitors obviously becomes jealous.
  • Black magic; the worst among other facts, because people do this sort of thing when they become too jealous or when hatred is high. This is normally done by someone who is specialized in doing black magic. This is to cast a spell on the related person. This black magic would sometimes lead to death of that person too.

Evil eye can lead to many problems that can take any form like physical problems, mental problems, financial problems or family problems. As all the problems have a solution even evil eye has solutions.