How to Meditate

There are many forms of meditation, forms which focus on breathing and mind control whilst there are others which allows the participant to explore various methods to control their mind, body and spirit. This article will go through two examples and highlight the methods and traits of a successful meditation.

Initial Advice

One of the most common characteristics that trouble beginner meditators is distractions. Many individuals suffer from a wandering mind or they lose focus from the slightest movement or sound which is what this tip is going to concentrate on. Common among ADHD sufferers, distractions are the foundation of failure in meditation. However, the most damaging distraction of all is to allow your mind during meditation to thing critical of oneself or to think of thoughts that prevent you from achieving your goal. All is not lost, however, one must take delight in one’s own thought patterns and use them to ones advantage. The peaceful environment which one is to meditate is usually one which has all the features that resemble the wilderness, peace, stability and tranquillity are all traits which one should admire. Nevertheless, if one struggles to keep focus regardless of the amount of distractions they should begin by practising candle light meditation. This involves staring at the flame of a candle which removes all external stimuli and thus allows you to focus and think about the flame and is thus a recommended form of meditation for beginners.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is an advanced form of meditation which combines yoga with meditation to allow the individual to focus on their consciousness in light of altruism. This form of yoga is common amongst addiction patients and is an extreme form of meditation due to the generation of a ‘breath of fire’. Through the use of deep breathing techniques and controlling ones exhale, the participant can achieve a heightened experience of meditation and to become more in touch with one’s inner self whilst diminishing the egotistical mind set. In order to achieve this level of enlightenment, participants being by breathing deeply through the nostrils and pumping the navel point in and out constantly, and by accompanying this with mantras and movements the individual will gain a real sense of self-worth, value and enlightenment.