How will you know if you are the victim?

Exorcism is spirit possession.  In movies they often use the common symptoms of exorcism but it is not always true. So if you are loved ones or you face such situation, you become the victim. Then how will you know that you are being possessed?

Here are the ways to know;

  • Negative emotions.
  • Difficult to express the feeling.
  • Sudden attachment to drugs and alcohol.
  • Sudden change in personality.
  • Improper sleeping pattern.
  • Problems with the loved ones.
  • Emotional conflicts.

Negative emotions- the victim might always feel depressed and lost. He or she would not wish to stay in crowded places. Victim might always wish to stay isolated.

Difficulty in expressing the feelings- the victim’s emotional and spiritual feelings might be blocked. He or she will not be able to explain the situation. The victims often end up by confusing the listener.

Sudden attachment to drugs and alcohol- though the victim was a self controlled person, he or she might change in to a drug addict or alcoholic.

Sudden changes in the personality- the victim would have been a kind and innocent person, all of a sudden he or she might change to a violent person.

Improper sleeping pattern- he or she will not be able to sleep peacefully throughout the night as usual. The victim will wake up in a sudden jerk. So the victim tends to sleep in the afternoon or evening.

Problems with loved ones- unexpected conflicts and arguments will be created in victim’s family or between victim’s friends and this situation will lead him to associate negatively influencing people.

Emotional conflicts- the victim will not be stable even his emotions would not be. He or she will experience sudden anger, depression, poor concentration and even guilt. These feelings of the victim will change time to time without any proper reason.

This article is about symptoms of exorcism, but the readers might feel that they are possessed too.

But do not worry it’s mostly your mind’s playing the trick. Make sure to know all the symptoms, with a good understanding about it.