Lucid dreaming and physiology

Lucid dreaming is actually a fantastic physiological phenomena that happens in our brains while we sleep. It is a state where you simply hack your brain and make yourself realize that you are inside of a dream while you are still dreaming. According to a scientific study done recently it accounts only for about 20% of the population experiencing it naturally as they sleep or as they dream. It’s not a physical thing, it has everything to do with your mind when you are conscious. For some people when they first do this it can be very scary to not have any control what’s going on but this is not a theory as scientists can see which lobes in the brain activate when you are in that moment but you have no control over it. Lucid dreaming is so scientifically accepted that there is an entire institute that stands for it. Aristotle, the father of philosophy once stated that, ‘often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream’. Question that frequently arises is that is lucid dreaming dangerous? The answer to this lies in how frequently one is doing it. It can be dangerous at times if it is embracing one in a selfish act. When we get selfish we tend to do things for our own pleasure. We want to do it so much so that it kind of makes us go crazy. You can’t lucid dream every single night. Some people tend to force this but this could create problems with our sleep cycle. Also some people become dissociated from reality and get confused about whether or not what they were thinking of or what happened in the past was a lucid dream or a real memory. As a solution it can be proposed that people should start writing down the memories from lucid dream once they come out of it as makes you realize this is just your body over thinking or creating its own stress and anxiety due to a paranormal situation and it’s really is not much of a big deal.