Meditation, over the years, has been used as an activity which is enjoyed in certain cultures such as the far-east. However, in recent years studies have shown that meditation can actually assist in curing ailments which suffers struggle with. Mental health and addiction have been aligned with meditation and the benefits that these techniques offer the individual.

Stabilize the Past

The most common condition in which meditation presents positive results is addiction. Meditation treats addiction is somewhat submissive. The simplest explanation of the process is when the meditator first closes their eyes the mantra is similar to an unstable, thin cable which represents the addiction and the uncertainty that comes with it. This analogy then allows the conclusion to prevail that the deeper the meditation the thicker the mantra and, therefore, the more stable the meditator becomes due to the perception of becoming more in tuned with one’s body. This ability allows one to control the mind, body and spirit which, when all three are connected, allows cravings to be suppressed.

Confrontation not Capitulation

A majority of struggles in which an individual suffers are associated, in some way, with mental health. The biggest and most impactful of these struggles we experience is anxiety which can impact every aspect of life for those that suffer from it, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that meditation can help. The way that meditation treats anxiety is not by curing the condition but, instead, it teaches us to confront to understand our mind.

In today’s health system, patients are usually given a pill which momentarily frees from our ailments, for example Adderall is used to treat ADHD. Meditation, however, has no side effects and thus is not just a method in which one can used as a means to an end. Instead, by sitting and staring at a candle, for instance, the mind is focused on the light. This focus allows the meditator to feel like their mind is moving out of the way and thus permitting feelings of vibrancy and spirit to emerge.