Living in the 21st century and accepting it’s hectic pace, stress levels and high demands often leaves us exhausted, frustrated and in the need of some peace and quiet. Busy lives we lead rarely allow us any time for recharging the batteries and regaining our focus. But mediation can, in a very short time and with very long term results, provide us with all of that. Even the shortest mediations can help us be calmer, overcome obstacles and stress and find our balance. Meditation also has an impact that is beyond mental, as it helps our blood pressure, migraines and hormonal disbalance, as well as other symptoms related to high levels of stress, depression and anxiety.

Meditation also influence our mind in a way that it helps us transform the way we see the world, and allows us to focus more on the positivity, the beauty, happiness and peace. This kind of impact isn’t limited to the time spent in meditation, but it is also shown in almost any situation where we give ourselves the right to choose and impact our own lives.

Meditation isn’t a construct of the modern society, on the contrary, it exists for centuries, since it has been practices since antiquity, and it has found a place in numerous beliefs, philosophies and religions. Because of that the term itself is used for a scope of different practices and techniques that ultimately lead to the same goal – building your inner energy, promoting peace and relaxation, as well as influencing your inner characteristics and behavior by promoting generosity, compassion, care, patience, love and friendship.

Nevertheless, getting started isn’t that easy. We are accustomed to always be alert, ready to act, move at such a fast pace, that it is very hard to be still, to relax and clear our minds. That is why mediation is so important and so beneficial.  There is, also, no pressure about how much and for long you should do it. You can start small and then work your way up, however you feel comfortable doing and just enjoy the pleasant consequences of meditation.