Methods of Meditation

Benefits of meditation are not just psychological but also physical, so it is no rarity that so many people are practicing it. It has been around for centuries and it is highly applicable in various areas of life, so it comes as a no surprise that there are many methods for practicing it. There is no right or wrong method, you can only choose the one that suits you the best, and helps you achieve your desired goal.

However different they may be, all methods agree on few points. Meditation is a training, and as such, it is consistent of various activities, not just one. It also implies that you get better by doing it more often. For someone just starting, it is a difficult task to just sit with an empty mind, and not do anything. That is why the best advice is to focus on the breathing and start from there. That is a starting point for concentration meditation, one of the most common methods. Besides focusing on breathing, one can also repeat a single word, more commonly known as mantra, count beads, or stare at a candle flame. It is advised for beginner not to start with longer stretches of time, but rather to enter the world of meditation for a few minutes and then train to achieve longer durations.

This type of mediation enables you to focus on something else rather than your wandering thoughts. But, there is also another method that suggest that you should be aware of all your thoughts and ideas but that you simply observe them as they arise and not engage them. That is called mindfulness meditation. This method can enable you to realize the type of thought you are having, their characteristics and repetition, which can help you redirect them in a constructive manner.

Besides these two there are many other methods being used every day by millions of people. If you are just getting started make sure you can find a perfect spot, where you won’t be interrupted, try not to have anything bothering you in terms of the need for food or water, find a comfortable position, and remember to take deep breaths and positive attitude. Meditation is not an easy task to overcome, but is will be worth your while.