Pregnancy Meditation – Benefits of Soulfulness

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in any woman’s life! It gives them an eminent feeling of love, affection, and fulfil-ness. It is the period of their life in which they should enjoy as well as learn in their life. It makes them a mother – a person who is said to be next to God.

Meditation is something which is very important for pregnant women. It is said to bring brightness and enlightens their most precious period of life. Here is a list of benefits which pregnant women can get while meditating.

  • Reducing Excessive Stress & Anxiety

The duty of the pregnancy hormones is done effectively by causing anxiety and stress in the pregnant women. It is a common thing which every pregnant face. Anxiety or stress during pregnancy will lead to the lower birth weight of babies, complications in labor, the risk of miscarriage and birth defects, premature delivery, and worse pains during labor. All of these can be stopped at the start by doing effective meditation starting from the first trimester.

  • Increase in levels of Endorphins & Melatonin

The Endorphin is the hormone which helps relieve pain and the melatonin is the hormone which helps boost the immune system. Both of these hormone levels are very low during pregnancy and will not fulfill for both baby and the mother. While following intensive meditation these hormone levels increases.

  • Enhanced defensive hormones

Meditation enhances the levels of DHEA hormones, which are very high life-enhancing benefits. It strengthens the immune system, defending of certain diseases, enhancing youthfulness, improvement in mood, balancing of brain chemistry, and benefits vision, hearing and bone muscles.

  • Betterment of heart rate and blood pressure

Meditation helps in regulating the heart rate and blood pressure in pregnant women. The fluctuation of heart rate and blood pressure is common in pregnancy, which can be highly reduced and kept stable throughout the pregnancy which will help reduce problems like pre-eclampsia and preterm damage of the brain.

  • Bonding between mother and Child

During meditation, pregnant women are said to form a bond between them and the unborn child. The channeling in meditation is said to help you to connect with your unborn child which will be very exciting to try.

  • Reduced need of C-section

The percentage of women undergoing C-section is said to be lower with the help of meditation. It is said to relieve all the stress, anxiety and boosts the necessary hormones, which are said to help in having a successful vaginal delivery.