Recognizing Voodoo Symptoms

People who are cursed by black magic such as Voodoo often overlook the series of subtle symptoms of the attack since they cannot recognize the signs. Voodoo, also known as Vodun, Vodoun, Vodou, and other types of spelling in many different regions, refers to a religion of folkways that is a result of combining Roman Catholicism and African religion. It is believed that Voodoo is a monotheistic religion that worships a supreme deity known as Bondye.

Even though Voodoo also encompasses spells for sickness remedy, love, good fortune, and prevention of evil, Voodoo cannot be separated from its danger that destroys people’s health and well-being, and also causes killing in extreme cases. Hence, it is vital to be aware of the symptoms and characteristics of a Voodoo curse.

Voodoo curses or spells affect one’s mental and spiritual condition. These are the first aspects touched by the black magic. Depending on the duration of someone has been on a spell, different levels of symptoms await. Many of the initial symptoms of a Voodoo spell are stress-related and therefore can be overlooked. In this stage, people can find that their sleep is disturbed and they have fear as well as disinterest in life that can lead to hopelessness and depression. Consequently, people find themselves uninterested in life, doubting their faith, and having difficulty in doing spiritual obligations.

Later, the Voodoo symptoms begin to affect one’s physical being. There are continuously darkening spots on the skin which can be noticed easily. The symptoms of the curse are starting from dry mouth and sudden goosebumps to obesity, extreme hunger, and a pressing weight around body parts. Cancer, heart attack, and kidneys malfunction are the severe physical symptoms of a Voodoo spell that cause death. Women may suffer specific symptoms such as dreaming of being raped, irregular and painful periods, and even infertility. Medicines do not work in attempt to cure the symptoms, therefore, people who suffer from the curse can have suicidal thoughts of self destruction.

The symptoms are similar and often recognized as stress or mental-related illness by medical practitioners. The best thing for people who are under a Voodoo curse is to create a dream report with the date log to help them notice if the symptoms get worse around the full moon phases. People should consider writing this dream report as a habit. Afterward, when they can provide enough evidences of the existence of a curse, they can find a reliable witch doctor or magic user who can undo the Voodoo curse or spell.