Signs of spiritual awakening

Many signs and symptoms will manifest, by which you know that how well you are on your journey of the spiritual awakening. These symptoms may be different for everyone. Some may feel a certain discomfort at the start: we all have the old skeletons of thoughts locked up in the closets. They may begin to haunt us. However, in the long run, the positivity flows.

Feeling concern about other things in this life; besides yourself

You may feel rising compassion for the suffering of humanity. You may feel strongly against the cruelty on animals. You will dwell on the general well being of this earth and a certain connection that connects you with the Mother Nature.

More enlightened wisdom:

Most of us are living in the prisons of our minds. We torment ourselves with the fears created within the mind. Most of the time, we are a slave to our brains. With the spiritual awakening one may begin to feel more self aware. With self awareness enhanced, brain becomes a secondary object.

Enjoyment in small things

You will feel pleasure in very small things. Instead having a ‘high’ at your big achievements, the little pleasures like a flower blooming and watching a child play becomes mirthful.

A high level of alertness:

You will become mentally alert. It would help you step down from your ego and see the world in a new light. With this you may find solving problems easier. This will make you sharper and better at decision making in your everyday life

You may start having night mares:

Just like humans loath changes, the brain is also not a really big fan of one. As the brain observes new changes in you, it starts pulling you back into the comfort zone i.e. the previous stages. This may trigger a series of nightmares. The most terrible of thoughts and feelings may plague you. This too will go away with time.

Kindness: a new beginning with spiritual awakening:

You may find yourself more empathetic than ever before. Kindness will be a new trait in you. This would be because you don’t pity yourself anymore. Yet, you feel a positive energy flowing through yourself. This positivity fulfils the feelings of loss and emptiness that ate at your heart.