Spiritual Awareness

We exist in our human bodies but to live truly we have to be spiritually awakened. Spiritual awakening helps us attain liberty from many negative energies that surround us and make our connection to the divinity stronger. Spiritual awakening is more necessary than ever before because negativity in this world right now is more than ever before. The feelings of unhealthy competition and acidic feelings at seeing other people be successful in their lives, creates a lot of negative energy.

A different experience of spiritual awakening for everyone

For some people spiritual awakening will be spontaneous for others it may be a slow process. Real spiritual awakening is not all pleasures. Although, in the long run it may be, but initially its hard. People may be faced with the ugly truths of the soul. These negative thoughts once met, shall be dealt with. Later we replace them with more positive and enlightened feelings.

Spiritual awakening endorses in us a collective vibration with the universe.  There are many collective benefits we attain from our spiritual awakening.

Ability to Face Social Pressures by being more spiritual

At attaining spiritual awakening you develop a new line of thought and your beliefs change. It becomes easier for you to make your own rules that you can live by. Societal pressures seem trivial.

Getting Rid of Material Things in Life

You may find lots of things in your life very useless. Getting rid of them may make you feel light and happy. This is because of the realization that true happiness cannot be attained by material things. This happiness is fleeting. You may start stripping your house of useless clutter and this will bring more order in life. You may develop clear thinking. Hoarding may seem trivial.

Sudden change in career because of spiritual awakening

Many bankers want to be artist; many engineers want to star in movies. These burning desires are buried deep within us. The spiritual awakening puts faith in us. We understand life is living in the present and it is worth a try!

A better version of you: spiritually awakened:

You start sensing a long dead desire to move ahead of yourself and try and see and improve and excel this life. You finally find that ultimate ‘aha moment’.