Spiritual Healing in Islam

Spiritual healing is also recognized as energy medicine, energy therapy, or energy healing. It is one of the various other alternative healings. This type of healing believes that healers can transfer their healing energy into a patient and bring positive results. Spiritual healing in Islam is generally called Sufi spiritual healing because it is passed down from the prophet Muhammad, the last messenger of God, to Sufis.

Sufi spiritual healing is an Islamic healing technique that uses Divine spiritual power. The basic principle in this healing technique is that Allah is the True Healer and the Sufis are there as the mediators to the one who needs healing. Sufi spiritual healing helps patients rejuvenate and strengthen their life force through a number of focal points of the entire body. A neuropsychological effect is created through the spiritual techniques which brings about a production of endocrine in the central nervous system which serves as pain reliever, disease remedy, and initiates the body balance. Sufi spiritual healing also believes that the source of the Divine healing power is available to everyone. For example, people can find it through the Quran. There is a unique healing property in each and every Quranic verse. The main difference between Sufi spiritual healing to other healing methods is that it uses the sacred Quranic verses’ healing properties. The healing properties of particular verses are used for different medications or remedies.

Divine and holy energy work, herbal, and natural medications which belong to ancient wisdom and other healing methods specifically used by Prophet Muhammad are also used in Sufi spiritual healing. The healing technique involves the combination of heart-centered faith and intuitive knowing, sincerity which is working on the inner heart, and self-examination which involves a deep look and recognition of the self. Spiritual healing engages heart to heart technique because in Islamic healing it is acknowledged that the heart manifests the body and the heart controls the body. Consequently, when the heart is healthy then the entire body is healthy as well. Hence, heart illness also manifests the body or physical pains and illness. This believe is derived from prophetic traditions which state that if people do not change what is in their hearts then Allah will not change their state. Islam believes that when people have made the holy journey to their heart by doing God-realization then they can obtain the perfect health. When one’s spirit is free of all doubt and anxiety, then their heart is whole and healed.