Symptoms of Exorcism

Exorcism. A word that gives u chills every time u hear of it. We all have seen those scary movies where exorcism is performed, so roughly each one of us knows a thing or two about exorcism. But let me go in a detail here and help my fellows out. Coming from a Muslim background, exorcism isn’t something that is heard very often. Muslims have a firm belief in supernatural beings living besides us, at all times. We might not be able to see them but they do exist.
The existence of such beings has been mentioned in the Holy Quran.

In Islam, Exorcism is considered to be an act to purify the soul of a person from the presence of supernatural beings present in them. There are certain references as to how the Prophet Muhammad himself performed exorcism on certain people. Islam understands the existence of epilepsy and how the symptoms are similar as that of being possessed but it clearly segregates the two. The proper religious scholars tend to avoid Exorcism because according to them it rarely happens and according to them when that happens the victim loses control of all his actions. He speaks the language that he has never spoken before. And amongst other abnormalities, it is believed that the recipient cannot feel any pain and can withstand as huge of a blow as a camel hitting them head on. And in a few occasions it is also mentioned that the recipient tends to have supernatural powers and can lift huge weights without having the laws of physics constricting them.

It is believed that these beings also have sexes along with the righteousness in their heart. Like human beings they follow their own line of faith and act according to it. It is believed that when a person gets possessed, their voice changes according to the gender of the supernatural being possessing them. If the being possessing is a female the recipients voice would get high pitched but if the being is a male, the voice might sound a bit deeper. Interestingly, once a person has been cured or exorcism has been performed, it is said that the recipient doesn’t have any knowledge of any incidents that took place during the period they were possessed.