The Untold Secret to spiritual healing

What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual or mystical healing is a complementary treatment, not an alternative therapy. This means that it is meant to be used in addition to suitableorthodox medical help, not instead of it. Your spiritual guide can familiarize you to mysticalmethods, such as energy healing or meditation, complemented by breathing workouts. Meditation is one of the most operational methods of reachingmysticism and illuminating the concentration. Meditation has been used for centuries to support people to discover their internalpersonalities and take out the vigor that will help in the remedial process.

If mystical healing method is considered to solve a problem that we face, there are two general methods available to us. This is the choice that we all have a problem with a reason to use the spiritual realm.

  1. Spiritual Practice:

When the six basic principles of a person do not meet the spiritual practice, he established his own to prevent the ability of harmful elements in the spiritual dimension.

  1. Spiritual healing remedies:

This is the data subject or other persons related to specific actions in the spiritual level to ease the problem of people. An advantage of a spiritual remedy is to convey rapid relief to the persons concerned. The drawback is that relief may only be temporary, as long as the effects of the drug last long. Remedy spiritual healing is Reiki, PRANIC healing, holy ash (vibhuti) application, the treated spell, visiting a treatment with holy water (Thirthā).

 Importance of spiritual healing remedies for better health:

Mystical practice and spiritual curing measures are important tools to overcome diseases that are mostly caused by spiritual reasons. Since it is difficultto understand the spiritual reason, a person or a recognized patient should continue with the prescribed medical treatment. When a person starts a spiritual practice thenhis spiritual level starts increasing and there is an inner change in his mental condition. It also has an effect on the mind and body. The advantage is increased protection against illness and other problems resulting therefrom. For example, as a result of illness, physical and mental stress is less in comparison to a person which is not undertaking a spiritual practice. Spiritual practice and spiritual healing action not only helps to overcome the disease, but also contributes to the mind of a mentally pure and selfless person.

Mechanism behind any type of genuine spiritual healing:

According to the science of Spirituality, the universe consists of three subtle components –Sattva, raja and tama. Sattva is the component that symbolizestranscendent purity and knowledge; Raja is action and passion; and Tama represents ignorance and inertia.

Basic principle behind any spiritual treatment is to increase the SATTVA component and decreasing the TAMA component.

Factor affecting the spiritual curing:

The factors which affect the effectiveness of the mystical cure are as follows:

  • The person affected by it
  • Causative factors
  • The problems caused
  • Spiritual healing remedy use
  • Knowledge and understanding of the healer