Tips for effective meditation for beginners

Meditating might not be an easy start for a beginner. They will have to work very hard to learn the perfection of meditation. Here are some tips which will be highly useful for beginners who are starting with meditation.

  • Selecting a Convenient Time

The time in which we choose to do meditation is very important. Choosing a time when you will busy and can’t spend time peacefully is nothing worthy. You should choose a time when you can fully concentrate on meditation and kept aside other things.

  • Picking a Quiet Place

The place where you are doing the meditation is another essential thing. As a beginner, it is really very tough for people to concentrate on meditating and the place where you are going to meditate plays an important role in enhancing the concentration. You should choose a place where there is no disturbance it will help you concentrate better at it will enhance the effectiveness of meditation.

  • Sitting in a Relaxed Stance

The posture in which you are sitting plays an important role. Without feeling comfortable with your posture you can’t concentrate well. You should sit comfortably to enable betterment in your meditation. Padmasana is said to be the best position for doing any type of meditation, it is said to have an effect on the blood flow of the body.

  • Keeping a Moderately Empty Stomach

Meditating before having a meal is said to be a perfect time. When you try to meditate after food, you might doze off. But it is not good when you meditate when you are hungry – it will not help you in concentrating well. In those cases, you can choose to meditate two hours after having food.

  • Starting with Few Warm-ups

Doing a warm-up before starting effective meditation helps in improving circulation, removes inertia and restlessness and makes the body feel lighter. It will also help you get a comfortable position while meditating.

  • Taking Deep Breaths

Taking deep breaths in and out before meditating is always a welcoming idea. It helps in steadying the rhythm of the breath and leads the mind to a peaceful meditative state.

  • Maintaining a Gentle Smile on your face

A smile is said to create a relaxed posture which is essential for doing meditation.

  • Opening and Closing your eyes slowly

At the end of the meditation, you should open and close your eyes very slowly which will help you maintain a relaxed posture.