Voodoo: the main symptoms to identify it

Voodoo is an old practice with its roots in West Africa, brought by the slaves to the Americas during the colony times. It has been misunderstood and confused with black magic, but it is important to highlight that voodoo is not only about spells, hexes and curses. It is actually a very culturally rich tradition that uses spells for good purposes such as curing the sick, bringing fortune and love without harming others, and to keep evil spirits, demons, and all kind of dark and negative entities away. As any other spiritual passage it has the good and bad, so the use of voodoo (for good or bad) comes from within and it is determined by the goodness or evil inside the heart of the practitioner.

However, nowadays the traditional practices of voodoo have been mostly focused on curses and hexes against enemies, and in some situations can even be deadly. It is important to keep open eyes, and be aware of the symptoms that suggest someone is under a voodoo curse, and how the symptoms can vary depending on the specific curse used. The general symptoms, regardless the kind of curse, include: constant low energy or exhaustion, hearing voices, suicidal or murder thoughts, drastic mood swings, nightmares (and sleep problems in general), objects moving or levitating at home, etc. The most common dark voodoo practices are:

  1. Use of voodoo dolls:

You can identify if someone is using a voodoo doll against you if: you cannot move a specific part of your body, there is constant acute pain in one or more parts of the body, shortened breath, specific points in the body start to bleed suddenly, and a constant feeling of pressure all over the body.

  1. Voodoo curses:

This practice unlike the previous one involves mostly spiritual and emotional symptoms. Someone under a voodoo curse will experience: strong love for someone with no reason, passionate and sexual attraction for that person, submissive behavior in front of that person, uncommon behaviors in general.

Regardless what kind of voodoo practice might be affecting your life, the first thing is to rule out any other explanations for your symptoms. Once you are sure you are a victim of voodoo, find expert advice and help, and understand that you are not the first and only going through such situation, and with the right therapies and rituals, things will get back to normal.