What are the Symptoms of evil eye?

Those people who are affected by evil eye have many symptoms by which it can be concluded that the person is sufferer of evil eye.The symptoms of being afflicted by the evil eye are very similar to another spiritual problem known as ancestral problems. Thus it will be best to do all remedies for both ancestral problems and for the evil eye.

So, first we need to know what the symptoms of evil eye are.

  1. Physical problem: Physical problem includes chronic illness of family member, frequent illness and loss of appetite for livestock’s. Evil eye can cause loss of or death of family members and livestock’s also. It also includes continuous severe headache, earache, pain in eyes, blackouts, numbness of limbs, palpitations, reduction in body heat, and experiencing weakness.
  2. Mental problem: Mental problems which may be due to evil eyes are constant tension and depression. Not only has this but it included increase of unnecessary doubts and thoughts about others.
  3. Educational problem: if someone fails in examination despite of hard work, forgets what he/she has studied or remembered despite good intellect, then also people think it because of evil eye.
  4. Financial problems: If someone is not getting deserved success in business or not getting employed or if employed not earning good salary, recurring financial losses or getting cheated. Then it might be due to evil eye of your neighbor, business competitors, relatives or friends.
  5. Marital and family problem: It includes all problems related to personal and family life. If someone is not getting married or there is problem between husband and wife on constant basis and frequent quarrel among family members then it might be you are sufferer of evil eye.


  1. Misfortune, bad luck or loss of valuables frequently etc.these all may due to evil eye.
  2. Loss of pregnancy: Loss of pregnancy or not getting pregnant are very common symptoms of evil eye among women. Also evil eye can easily affects pregnant women when they go out of home.
  3. If you are a public speaker or singer and you are suffering from constant throat problems then it may be due evil eye.

All above symptoms are not the only symptoms, but it may include many more other symptoms also, above mentioned symptoms are very common among people who suffers from evil eye.