What Is the Evil Eye?

Many of you probably have seen the evil eye or heard about it, but do you really know what it means? Chances are probably not and if you do know anything it may be pretty limited. It is one of the most well-known strongest symbols in the world. Many cultures have their own stories and theories about the evil eye as well. The main basic meaning is still the same though. It is the look given by one to another person to inflict harm, suffering or bad luck.

The person who inflicts it typically inflicts it out of malice or jealousy. It is said that it is powerful enough to bring disaster to the person that the look is given to. The belief in the evil eye can be traced back to Rome and Greece. Many believed that the evil eye could cause mental illness and physical problems as well. It was something that was thought to be brought about by the gods as a punishment for those who were over prideful.

To counter act the curse many used to spit. If a high compliment was given, then the person who gave it used to follow it by spitting in the face of the person they complimented. They thought by doing that it would bring that person down ground level and stave them off from getting too high and mighty. There are other ways people try to keep the evil eye away.

One way people keep the evil eye away is by wearing amulets. Others would utilize phrases and rituals, but again all varied from culture to culture. They would put things around their homes as well. While also making sure their children were protected with amulets and rituals as well. On Turkey’s currency you will find the evil eye printed on it as well. They also adorn their newborn children with an evil eye pendant around their necks. The history about it runs strong and fore most strong enough to keep it going still throughout the years. Until you get the evil eye completely, you will walk around with a sense of dread always with you.